Healthy Skin Indian Beauty Tips Beauty Home Treatm

Healthy Skin Indian Beauty Tips Beauty Home Treatm

How to pluck the perfect brow, de-puff your eyes, and have skin that looks young and healthy for years to come. Read on for great 5 top beauty tips and secrets.

1. Brows

The perfect arch can make a word of difference to your face, but it is not always easily achievable. Often when we get our brows threaded by different beauticians at a parlour, there is bound to be some variation in the shape. It is important to get your brows threaded or waxed by the same beautician every time, as far as possible. If plucking your brows yourself, be very, very careful that you don't over pluck. It is possible that hair from some places may not grow back, leaving you with a permanent gap in your brows. Try this: take a white eye pencil and colour out the hair you want removed. Once you have aperfect brow shape, you can then start plucking out the coloured portion.

2. Face powder

Once swab of face powder, and your face will remain oil-free and fresh for a long time. Make sure you carry this with you wherever you go, so if your face gets oily again, you can simply dab on some more face powder. In addition, this can also be used to mask most imperfections in your skin, making it seem smooth and flawless so make sure you're never without this tool. On the other hand, don't forget to wash it off at night.

3. Eyes

Have your eyes been looking a little tired lately Internationally renowned make-up artist Trish McEvoy's favourite remedy for puffy eyes is to simply place a couple of spoons in the freezer for a few minutes. When the spoons get cold, she places them on the bags of her eyes. Immediately after this, she applies an under-eye cream for an instant moisturizing burst. To brighten eyes, always wear mascara so eyes stand out. Once this is done, try lining the inner lower rim of your eyes with white eyeliner.

4. Lips

Who wouldn't love to have thick, full lips Always remember that a matte lipstick may make your lips stand out more, but a gloss lipstick makes your lips look fuller and more sensuous. And if getting injected for fuller lips is not an option, stick to glossy lipsticks. The best way to apply lipstick so your lips stand out is to first line your lips with a lip liner. Line just outside your natural lip line. Lining your lips far outside your lip line looks obvious and smutty. After lining your lips, apply a soft, moisture-rich lipstick and follow up with gloss.

5. Water

The best thing you can do to make your skin look young and healthy is to moisturize it. And we don't just mean moisturize it from the outside, but from within. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to keep your skin looking supple and young. If you have ever worked with models or actresses, youwill see that many of them never venture out without packing a bottle of water, and keep sipping through the day. Pair this with regular application of moisturizer, and you're all set.


Homemade beauty care tips

Money on beauty products for skin care. How many of us know that there are simple homemade ideas that will perk up our skin. Here are some of homemade skin care tips. What's important is trying these tips daily. You can't expect miracles just by trying it out once, but definitely you will see wonders on your skin if you follow at least some of them daily.

i. Cornmeal is a wonderful exfoliate. You need to use it once a week all over your face and neck.

ii. After washing your face with soap, take some drop of vinegar and mix it water. Now wipe you face with this water. This will help in getting rid of the soap alkalis.

iii. Avoid lathering your soap too much.

iv. In order to make your skin firmer, rub beaten egg white over your face. Wait until it dries. Then rinse with lukewarm water. This makes the skin firmer.

v. Don't over scrub your face (or anywhere) + over scrubbing can cause your skin to break out.

vi. Use natural deodorants, like witch hazel or baking soda. They work just as well, and they're a lot more frugal and could even be better for your skin.

vii. Witch hazel also makes a great aftershave, for guys and gals, too. If you men just have to smell, use a few drops of essential oil in a pint of witch hazel.

viii. If you have chapped lips then use petroleum jelly, mineral oil, vegetable oil on your lips just before you sleep.

ix. Drinking lots of water makes a great difference to your skin. It's the best beauty treatment available on mother earth.

x. Wet your hands in warm water, and then rub oil or fat of any kind into them. Keep rubbing until most of it has been absorbed. Wipe off excess with a clean cloth. This works great as an overnight treatment also.


Home Beauty Tips For 4

Beauty Food

There is no doubt that all of us want to look beautiful, slim and fit. One has to exercise sufficiently to look good. But it is important to eat the right kind of diet to look beautiful.

Cause of Dark Circles

Our face attracts the most amount of attention. Therefore, we pay most attention to the way our face looks. We take special care of our face, its skin, its appearance and we try to present our face in the most beautiful manner we can.

Beauty Diet

Your diet contributes a great deal towards making you beautiful. Therefore eating a proper healthy diet is important to keep looking beautiful.

Tips to Look Young

There will hardly be any one on this earth who wants to look old. In fact, almost every one of us wants to look young throughout his/ her life. However, time is relentless and you tend to get older every year.


Aerobics And Body Fitness

Aerobics plays a key role in healthy living and body fitness. In Aerobics, we consume oxygen for energy and make rhythmic movements in a fixed pattern that are generally of low-intensity. It helps us to strengthen the cardiovascular system, develop muscles, enhance our endurance capability, strength and stamina and burn off fat naturally. Here is some information about aerobic exercises that you can use:


* Exercise videos in the market can help you in doing aerobics at home. They are inexpensive and you may only need a good pair of shoes, a set of dumbbell and step as the equipments and tools you need.

* Regular aerobics exercise ensures leveled heart pumping and a sweaty workout.

* Aerobic exercises differ for children, pregnant women and elderlies and you have options ranging from low-impact to high-impact step aerobics to kickboxing and specialist videos.

* Aerobic training on a regular basis results in an increase in blood cells in the body, greater and easier transport of oxygen to the muscles and organs, increase in the level and activity of the enzymes and fat burning capabilities of the muscle fibers.

* While doing aerobics, you need to dress comfortably that keeps you dry and cool, women must wear a sports bra, sneakers that fit well, are comfortable and well cushioned and you may also like to buy high-tech devices with automatic heart rate monitor.

* Popular forms of aerobic workouts include biking, cross-country skiing, dancing, jumping rope, running, swimming, playing basketball, roller-skating and brisk walking.

* Common stationary aerobic exercise equipment includes cycles, treadmills, stair-steppers and rowing machines.

Beauty and Health Using Fruits and Vegetables

We can follow some home made remedies using fruits and vegetables.

1. Vegetables and fruits contain Beta karotene, vitamin c, chromium, co enzyme Q 10, Zinc, Selenium, chlotamine. These contents help to keep us healthy, young and fresh giving a glowing face and


2. Pomegranate seeds mixed with honey and consumed daily cures all the skin diseases. Pomegranate juice mixed with lemon juice and taken gives a long, healthy life.

3. Guava fruit has a high content of vitamin c. This vitamin is good for our eyes. Ripened fruit taken with ghee gives a glow to our skin and face. Body heat is reduced if taken with pepper powder. It cools our body system and controls our body odour.

4. Tomato pieces soaked in honey and eaten daily will give a glowing skin.

5. Banana is the ever seasonal and non expensive fruit. This fruit has a high nutritional value. There are several varieties of banana and each has its own significance. This fruit helps in easy digestion, gives instant energy, cures mouth ulcers, cools the body system, cures the dark circles and spots around the eyes and glows your skin. Mashed banana mixed with honey and applied over the face acts as a good bleaching agent.

6. Jackfruit though very rough from outside, has a high protein content. This fruit increases our life span. It strengthens the legs and knee joints. This fruit soaked in cow's milk and taken will cure malaria.

7. Mango is called the king of the fruits. Everyone from children to adults, love this fruit very much. This fruit has vitamin A, B, C, D and high fibre content. Iodine and some acids in this fruit strengthen our body, bones and muscles.

8. Bitter gourd though very bitter is a very good medicine for cold and cough and cures all kidney problems and is a good cure for diabetes.

9. Green Chillies has iodine content and should be taken along with the vegetables. This strengthens our muscles. It reduces high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

10. Amla has high content of Vitamin C. It has to be taken in the morning. It is a good remedy for giddiness and dizziness. Amla taken with honey keeps us healthy and strong.

11. Take carrots if you want to stop the skin from aging ahead of time. Carrot is another name for Retin A.

12. NONFAT YOGURT It is rich in calcium and that means a confident white smile flashing cavity-free teeth.

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