Total Gym 1000 Meeting All Of Your Fitness Needs

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Total Gym 1000 Meeting All Of Your Fitness Needs

The Total Gym 1000, the one with Chuck Norris as the spokesman, offers some excellent features for a piece of home exercise equipment. This fitness center, from Fitness Quest(r) offers a number of different models ranging in price from one hundred fifty dollars to one thousand five hundred dollars. For the average user, though, a basic model will fit your needs. Reviews indicate that you will not be getting more for your money if you pay for one of the higher end models.

The Total Gym 100 is meant for overall fitness, and will not build the rippling muscles you see on the late night television commercials in just a few weeks of use. It does help you strengthen and tone every major muscle group, and provides good stability for your workouts. For the most part, this series of equipment requires little or no assembly, which is great for someone who wants a quick workout out of the box. Moreover, the Total Gym 1000 has been around since the early nineties, which would indicate some level of customer satisfaction with the product.

Total Gym Features

There are more than sixty exercises you can do with this piece of equipment, and changing from one exercise to the next is neither difficult nor complicated. It is made to last with a solid steel construction. The Total Gym 1000 even comes with media materials including videos and books to help you get your workout off the the right start. Some current models even feature Pilates bars to add some depth and change to your workout.

If you decide you want to buy a Total Gym 1000, be sure to select the model that is best for you. Differences between the models include the frame construction, the max weight allowed for the user, the glide board size, the user height limit, and the warranty. As with any product, do your research before you purchase.

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