Singapore Fitness News The Business Of Being A Suc

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Singapore Fitness News The Business Of Being A Suc

In Singapore, the fitness industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented period of growth and opportunity.

This arises due to an increasingly educated and affluent population, whose thirst for professional fitness services seems to grow exponentially by the day.

Correspondingly, this has also led to an influx of health/fitness trainers, instructors and coaches into the fitness industry, causing an increase in competition for clients among these fitness-related professionals.

This article will attempt to explore and reveal how you - the Singapore Fitness Professional - can succeed as a Freelance/Independent Trainer or Coach amidst all the competition in the Singapore Fitness Industry by focusing your attention on 3 crucial make-or-break factors - that will determine your success.

1.Fitness Knowledge

The fitness field, like many others in this Information Age, is constantly in a state of flux.

The knowledge that one acquired in a certification/diploma/degree course - regardless how comprehensive or vigorous it may be - is usually out-dated or insufficient a year or two down the road.

Unfortunately, constant upgrading seems NOT to be a virtue of the average Singapore Fitness Professional. An unofficial internet-poll carried out sometime in mid-2009 actually showed that as many as 50% or more of current fitness professionals in Singapore do NOT: re-certify themselves, attend upgrading courses or pursue advanced certifications on a regular basis. And by "regular basis" we mean every 6 months or so.

To succeed as a Fitness Professional, we believe it is vital that EVERY fitness professional should keep himself /herself updated with the latest changes or developments in the fitness realm. This would mean taking relevant upgrading courses, refresher courses or specialty courses every 6 months or less; so as to stay relevant and up-to-date.

In fact, ALL fitness professionals are reminded that WE OWE IT to our clients to keep ourselves abreast of the latest news and happenings in the fitness world so that they can justify paying us the rates we deserve!

2.Communication Skills

Being able to communicate effectively with one's client is an important indication of how far you can go as a Fitness Professional.

And by communication, we mean the entire works: how you act, what you say (or don't say) and how you carry yourself.

Without fail, we often find the most successful fitness professionals are those who have mastered the art of communication: they are good listeners, they speak the right words at the right time, they carry themselves with calm, composure and class, and they are invariably emotionally-intelligent as well. In order words, they are GREAT to be around with! Any wonder that their services are usually booked months in advance?

In fact, it is highly-recommended that ALL trainers, instructors and coaches invest a significant amount of their time and efforts in polishing up their inter-personal skills and communication skills if they are serious about attracting and retaining clients for good.

Remember: your clients are just like yourself - emotional beings who appreciate being listened to patiently, spoken to politely, treated well, and respected.

And being a good communicator will help you to do all the above; enabling you to reach an EXTRAORDINARY level of success in your fitness business.

3.Business Know-How

Having a certain degree of business ability - especially in sales and marketing - is now essential if a fitness professional were to succeed in today's fitness environment.

It is actually quite sad to see many other-wise technically-capable, highly-qualified and passionate trainers/instructors/coaches who FLOP miserably in the fitness industry simply because of a LACK in this area of what we call - Business Savviness.

If you are serious about succeeding in the fitness industry, you simply CANNOT afford NOT to develop this quality of Business Perspective.

If a fitness professional is really uncomfortable selling or marketing himself/herself, or simply do not have the time to do so, or just stubbornly refuse to do so for whatever reasons, then it is always better to engage the help of someone who has the ABILITY to market or advertise on your behalf.

In Singapore, there are professional agencies specializing in the fitness industry, who can effectively help fitness professionals Build their Professional Image, Market their Brand and Promote their Services to the public.

In summary, to be truly SUCCESSFUL as a Fitness Professional in the Singapore Fitness Industry, you would need mastery of not 1, not 2, but ALL 3 of the above areas.

Do that - and the world is your oyster.

Author Bio:

Casey Tan is the in-house fitness writer of - Singapore's leading fitness portal that provides fitness professionals with marketing and advertising services.

As a keen observer of the fitness industry in Singapore and fitness trends all around the world, Casey takes great delight in sharing his perspectives on fitness with his readers.

Casey can be reached at